It’s time to look closer and listen harder. Because there’s a powerful story within each of us. We’re a generation living in challenging times, but we are still thriving, overcoming the obstacles life sometimes throws at us. Bullying. Anxiety. Poverty. We are more than what meets the eye, so take a minute to find out what we’re really made of – and join the community of support that’s helping us succeed. #WhatWeAreMadeOf

Frankie’s Story

Frankie struggled with school attendance due to several medical conditions. After spending time with Frankie and her family, a CIS Site Coordinator helped get Frankie enrolled in an online school program that has allowed her to thrive. Being absent from school was...

Robert’s Story

Elementary school student Robert has difficulty showing his emotion and sharing feelings. CIS leveraged one of our partners, Brother’s Helping Brothers, to build up Robert.  Angry. Immature. Cold. These were words that described Robert before he came into contact...

Zack’s Story

Zack struggles with changes at home that have impacted his school attendance and grades. His site coordinator helped him establish short-term attendance goals that will have far-reaching impacts.  Zack, a student at Stephen Decatur Elementary School, was going...

Letter from a Grateful Parent

            The best communities are places where people come together and feel accepted and loved. Many times, people have this community and support through an organization such as church. Others create a...

Jade’s Story

Separated from her mother, Jade had an emotionally challenging start at a new school. Thanks to Communities In Schools, she has been able to find resources she needs to adjust and make the transition less stressful.

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